Wildlife control is specialty work, and every job is different. There's no one-price-fits all option. To get a free price quote over the phone for your wildlife situation, call us at 484-252-2444 and describe your animal issue, and we can give you a phone estimate. Factors that can affect price include:

  • Type of animal and number of animals
  • Location of animals (yard, or in attic?)
  • Number of trap setups we will need to use
  • Amount of animal damage repairs needed
  • Size of house, extent of inspection needed
  • Potential dangerous roof or animal factors
  • Do you need animal waste and odor cleanup?
  • Driving distance to your property

Bethlehem trapping One of the biggest concerns that many people will have when they discover signs of wildlife activity in their home is the risk of disease transmission, so finding a reliable animal removal company is very important. All of our technicians are provided with all of the right safety equipment, and are also trained in all of the techniques and practices that will minimize the risk of disease transmission. We also carry the required licenses and insurance, along with a comprehensive commercial liability insurance policy, so that you can have the peace of mind that our work is backed up with these measures. We have a friendly team ready to take your call 24/7, and they can offer advice and measures that you can take, along with arranging for a fast callout with one of our animal removal experts visiting your home. All of our experts are fully trained to be able to identify the species present and the extent of the problem, so they can tailor a quote that is specific to your situation and so they can explain the most efficient way of resolving the problem. You also have the peace of mind of knowing that all of our experts don't use poison or chemicals, so there is no risk from such substances to your family and any pets present in the property.